Challenge accepted! A high-pressure job, a family, caring for extended family, extra studies, going to the gym to stay fit and always accessible by mobile phone. Who wouldn’t stress out! 

And yet a hectic life in itself is not the greatest contributor to stress, but rather how you go about your life. By developing concentration, you not only become calmer in life but also your relationships, work and communication improve. We are able to develop concentration because we make ourselves who we are. By our thoughts and how we deal with them we ultimately shape our character. Thinking differently therefore leads to a different person. Someone who also communicates differently with their fellow men.

We communicate continuously. It’s so important to realise this, so we can inspire our fellow men, as a ‘ZEN attitude’ does not only calm yourself, it is also a source of inspiration to others. 

The same applies to meditation. Of course, meditation can be beneficial to yourself, however, theosophically seen it becomes only truly worthwhile when done in light of compassion. Then it turns out we are always able to be ‘Zen’ in the here and now of our daily lives.