We are all in pursuit of it, yet not quite aware of what it is: happiness. In hindsight we sometimes reflect: “We were happy then but it all passed so quickly.” Ever it beckons us and ever it eludes us, it slips like sand through our fingers.

And yet enduring happiness does exist. Just like the human consciousness can be divided into different aspects, so there are different types of happiness. Some burst quickly, like the proverbial bubble, but other types of happiness are more enduring. The grand paradox is that only by forgetting yourself will you be able to find this enduring happiness.

There can be suffering and depression as well, one of the major epidemics of our time. Can we do something about this epidemic and if so: what?

The lecture will also reflect on the countless cycles in life. This cyclicity won’t be discussed as a mere theoretical teaching, but to demonstrate that knowledge about it is required in order to lead a happy life.

You yourself are the path towards enduring happiness. Come to know the different aspects of your own consciousness and develop the enduring aspects. This lecture provides you with the practical tools to do just that.