Theme: Timeless wisdom as a tool for young people

Because of the lockdown, many young people have become isolated and find it difficult to get out of it.

However, the crisis is not the cause but the trigger for depression and loneliness. The cause is the lack of a logical, heart and head satisfying philosophy of life.

Yet everyone can discover this timeless wisdom and thereby place the crisis in a broader framework. You then activate the tools within yourself that will get you out of your depression and isolation. You will begin to see the value of developing yourself and you will understand your unique role that you have to fulfill.

This timeless wisdom, by the way, is just as necessary for older people as it is for younger ones.

Lectures and studies about this theme

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Lecture: Mental resilience: so why depression?
7 November 2021 - 19:30 CET

Study: Mental resilience: so why depression?
14 November 2021 - 19:30 CET

Lecture: Discover your unique task in life
21 November 2021 - 19:30 CET

Study: Discover your unique task in life
28 November 2021 - 19:30 CET


Zeitlose Weisheit - Werkzeug für junge Menschen
4 Dezember 2021 - 17:00 CET