With the course Thinking Differently you can make a positive contribution to the world. Starting with yourself, with your own thinking.

Although one person thinks more consciously than the other, people are thinkers. Our way of thinking determines our way of life. The way of life of humanity as a whole determines the state of the world.

Do we want to see change? Then the conclusion is: by changing our own way of thinking, we change the world. The solution lies in ourselves. An encouraging thought!

Each of us has the ability to understand more of the background of life. We can further develop our thinking independently and self-consciously by investigating our way of thinking and changing it wherever necessary. In this way we grow and we become wiser.

Are you willing to start with yourself and make a positive contribution? Take on the challenge!

Improve your thinking, improve the world.

What the course is based on

The course is based on the core of wisdom that underlies all major religions and philosophies. This core of wisdom encourages spiritual growth.

Spiritual growth can only take place with genuine research into Truth. Therefore, do not just believe what we say, but examine it! Only assume that which you have experienced as true through independent research. Only in this way you can develop a practical philosophy that helps to answer vital questions and solve problems in the world.

Course contents

Lesson 1 The nature of human thought
What is the focus of human thought? Is our way of thinking sound? What contradictions are evident in our way of thinking?

Lesson 2 Reality and illusion
Are sensory perceptions always infallible? What lies behind the world of phenomena? Absolute and objective idealism. Is it possible to learn how to recognise reality?

Lesson 3/4 Human consciousness
The composite nature of human consciousness. An investigation into the various aspects that make up the human consciousness. Pointers for an investigation into the orientation of your own thought processes.

Lesson 5 Man know thyself
Guidelines for an investigation into your own character. The notions ‘good’ and ‘evil’. What is consciousness? Selfishness and selflessness.

Lesson 6 Controlling thoughts
The properties that play a role in all of nature’s processes. Being master of your thought process. Guidelines for analysing thinking processes.

Lesson 7 Thoughts
What are thoughts? Spirit and matter in their interconnectedness. Is it possible to create new thoughts?

Lesson 8 Thought processes
What is ‘subconscious’ thought? How do thought processes work? How can you change the way you think?

Lesson 9 Directing thoughts
Transferring thoughts and ‘perceiving’ thoughts. Is it possible to help others through thinking? How can you use the power of thought safely?

Lesson 10 Changing thought patterns
‘Your life is what your thoughts make it’. Is it possible to change one’s character? The power of the imagination. Creating ideas.

Lesson 11 Unveiled thinking – the Socratic method
Knowledge or Wisdom? Judging ‘facts’ and opinions. Developing the power of discernment. What is right? The essence of things.

Lesson 12 Where humans are wanting
Is the majority always right? Why do philosophy and religion reach different conclusions? Is a synthesis possible? Requirements a life philosophy must meet.