Original edition 1926, 186 pages

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Excerpt from Section I

Each of us can, and must eventually, become a law unto himself: each having that Divine Power latent in him and being linked vitally with the great Cause, Source, and Center of life, — linked consciously, if he eliminates fear and all other pessimistic thought and feeling.

For there is within us always a grand inspiration — a breath and force from the Innermost, which no limitations nor yardstick ideas nor intellectual criticisms can touch. It may be called the Love of the Supreme; for it is a royal compassion which is the heart and essence of all existence.

To gain the knowledge that would save him, a man need not open any book nor once lift his voice in prayer, nor wait to be born again or forgiven by any personal god; nor reach out in any way for help from outside himself.

It is himself who must forgive himself: resting in the Law that controls all life; falling back in confidence upon the stronger, the eternal side of himself; holding himself through imagination in divine realms of thought; feeling himself a part of the everlasting beauty.