Lucifer No. 1 - 2024

Lucifer No. 1 - 2024

  • The One Life and the Paramita Path - Part 1
  • Can mankind determine its future?
  • How intelligent is Chat GPT?
  • Was Plato against writing?
  • The benefits of cremation
  • The right person in the right place
  • Questions & Answers
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Lucifer differentiates itself from other opinion-magazines through the consistent searching into the causes of the problems. The criterion for this is the extensive knowledge of the Universal Esoteric Philosophy as this is taught in Theosophy. This 'different' approach to individual and social problems gives a refreshing outlook and offers new possibilities of solving these problems effectively.

The 'technical' teachings of Theosophy are never objectives in themselves. In Lucifer the ethical consequences are always drawn from them by applying these teachings to the actual problems with which mankind is struggling. In this light it is nearly superfluous to say that great value is put on the letters to the editor.

Science, philosophy and religion, and especially the interconnection between these three in human thinking are widely dealt with. It is made clear that universal compassion is the basic pattern of Nature. The articles in Lucifer appeal particularly to the individual thinking faculty of the readers. But above all it is demonstrated that Theosophy offers Man a solid foundation for a philosophy of life with a perspective. 

Why this magazine is called Lucifer

‘The magazine for seekers of Truth’

Lucifer literally means Bringer of Light.
Each culture in the East and West has his bringers of light: inspiring individuals who give the initial impulse to spiritual growth and social reform. They stimulate independent thinking and living with a profound awareness of brotherhood.
These bringers of light have always been opposed and slandered by the establishment. But there are always those who refuse to be put off by these slanderers, and start examining the wisdom of the bringers of light in an open-minded and unprejudiced way.
For these people this magazine is written.

“... the title chosen for our magazine is as much associated with divine ideas as with the supposed rebellion of the hero of Milton’s Paradise Lost ...
We work for true Religion and Science, in the interest of fact as against fiction and prejudice. It is our duty – as it is that of physical Science – to throw light on facts in Nature hitherto surrounded by the darkness of ignorance ... But natural Sciences are only one aspect of SCIENCE and TRUTH. Psychological and moral Sciences, or theosophy, the knowledge of divine truth, are still more important ...”

(Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in the rst issue of Lucifer, September 1887)

Barend Voorham, Henk Bezemer, Rob Goor, Bianca Peeters, Erwin Bomas, Bouke van den Noort.

Chief editor
Herman C. Vermeulen

Editorial office
De Ruijterstraat 72-74, 2518 AV The Hague, the Netherlands
tel. +31 (0) 70 346 15 45

The Editorial Board reserves the right to make a selection and/or shorten incoming documents