Symposium 2017

We start the new season with an interactive symposium about meaningfulness and wisdom.

These two concepts will not be treated as dry, theoretical doctrines. On the contrary, they will be presented as practical ideas. In all their simplicity, they must be able to inspire us to develop a philosophy of life that can serve as a compass for a meaningful life, both for ourselves and for our fellow human beings.

The fact that our society needs a clear vision of life is obvious. The multitude of often contradictory opinions and ideas that we are confronted with daily by the media, clearly shows that there is no generally accepted vision that can serve as a guiding principle for our lives.

When we build a life philosophy, it should not contradict the scientific facts. Neither can it be based on mere faith. It must also be connected to all major religious and philosophical systems of the past. Furthermore, it must be logical and we should be able to recognize the processes in nature and our own life. Lastly, the philosophy of life should not be rigid or dogmatic, but open to constant growth.

In the lectures, the basic principles of this philosophy are explained in simple words. In the workshops we investigate together whether this philosophy of life can indeed be recognized in life and what the practical consequences are. How does this philosophy of life, for example, change our view on the issue of “a completed life”. Or, when standing at the beginning of your life, what life goals do you set based on the principles of the philosophy presented?

Finally, at the end of the day, participants can share their thoughts on life-philosophy or other subjects in an ethical café , while enjoying a drink and a snack. Speakers and course leaders of the courses Thinking Differently and Life Wisdom are present to provide all the information about the courses and the lectures that will be given this season.