Lucifer No. 3 - 2019
Lucifer No. 3 - 2019

The Great Passing - The autumnal initiation
Barend Voorham

Gandhi on Theosophy and the global civilization of tomorrow, part 2
James Tepfer

Why are we so busy? - And how do we stop being so busy
Erwin Bomas

Theosophy in Nature - What causes order in nature?
Henk Bezemer

Questions & answers

  • Progressive evolution
  • Future senses
  • Awakening latent capacities
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Lucifer No. 2 - 2019
Lucifer No. 2 - 2019

In this issue of Lucifer you will find a beautiful example of the cooperation between three different theosophical organizations. At the annual Convention of the Theosophical Society in Adyar, two lectures were given by speakers from different organizations. We are happy to publish these two, slightly edited lectures, that were given by a member of the Theosophical Society Point Loma and by an associate of the United Lodge of Theosophists.

In this issue:

  • The sun stands still for a moment
    21 June: Initiation of the Great Renunciation
  • Expressing Truth and Beauty through Compassion
  • Gandhi on Theosophy and the global civilization of tomorrow (part 1)
  • What is artificial intelligence?
  • Questions & answers
    • Fairy tales
    • Rituals
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Lucifer No. 1 - 2019
Lucifer No. 1 - 2019

Spring is the time in the northern hemisphere where we you can see life is returning to the earth. The bare trees get leaves. The birds come back from their winter home. People long for the warm summer, for vacation, for adventure.

Yet it would be good if we do not forget the winter solstice of last December. Christmas is the time of the year in which we make intentions or decisions to improve and uplift our life. We wrote about the winter-solstice in our last issue of Lucifer. Now it is time we have to ask ourselves whether we are still on the same track. Do we keep our intentions and decisions?

In an article about Easter – the second holy season of the year – we go into this inspiring topic and try to show the real story behind Easter.

In this issue: 

  • Easter: the Initiation of the Great Temptation
  • Theosophy: the Way towards Universal Consciousness

    Symposium Life Wisdom:
  • Working on Life Wisdom
  • The Foundation of Life Wisdom
  • How to become life-wise?
  • Observations: How to deal with unorthodox visions?
  • Questions & Answers about Desire, SELF and Progressive evolution
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Lucifer No. 4 - 2018
Lucifer No. 4 - 2018

December is for many people in the northern hemisphere a dark time. The sun comes up late and goes down early. Yet for many people this time is also the time of light, hope and cheerful spirituality. We celebrate the birth of light, the feast of the Sol Invictus, the Invincible Sun. Christmas is the festival of birth, hope and light.

Nevertheless, you will find in this issue of Lucifer some articles that have to do with dying and death. That may seem contradictory. We believe, however, that this is not the case. After all, you cannot die without being born and you cannot be born without dying. Dying and being born are the gates to another realm of consciousness. And it depends on your point of view, whether you call such passings birth or death.

That is why we felt that we could publish an article about the Great Birth, the festival of Christmas, together with a number of articles that are related to dying.

In this issue: 

  • Christmas: the Initiation of the Mystic Birth
  • Can life be completed?
  • When is someone dead?
  • The other side of organ donation
  • Euthanasia
  • Questions about karma
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Lucifer No. 3 - 2018
Lucifer No. 3 - 2018

As usual, the editors of Lucifer, the Light-bringer try to apply Theosophia to all kinds of issues and problems that are relevant today.

In this issue:

  • The basis of Trust 
  • You are more than your depression 
  • Chance or law? 
  • How “the struggle for existence” gets more and more out of fashion
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Lucifer No.2 - 2018
Lucifer No.2 - 2018

In 4 articles an attempt is made to answer in simple words the question that every human being asks himself sometimes: what is wisdom of life and how can it be obtained?

  1. What is life?
  2. Wisdom in practice
  3. Infinitely learning to Learn
  4. I am the Boundless

These 4 articles are the result of the annual symposium of the Theosophical Society Point Loma in September 2017, in The Hague.


  • Will computers become smarter than man?
  • Freedom of expression
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Lucifer No.1 - 2018
Lucifer No.1 - 2018

We live in a world of fake news. People spread consciously – and sometimes unconsciously – untruths or even pure lies. 

In this issue of Lucifer, the Light-bringer we will try to give you some support. We are convinced that we can get to know truth, but we must adopt an active attitude for it. If we really want to get out of our bubble and reach a greater truth, we should try to build an all-encompassing image in which everything has its place.


  • A notable call for Friendship and Peace 
  • How our vision of truth determines reality
  • Is there evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathy?

Next three articles were lectures presented at the I.S.I.S. Symposium “Compassion and Wisdom. Keys to a harmonious and healthy world” held on the 20th of May 2017 in The Hague, the Netherlands.

  • Many opinions … but what is true? 
  • We are more than our vision
  • From truth to wisdom: wisdom can be developed
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Lucifer No. 4 - 2017
Lucifer No. 4 - 2017

Articles in this issue:

  • The Wisdom of Love
  • Esoteric meditation – Part 2
  • Developing concentration
  • Nanotechnology, a closer look inside the world of the cell
  • Why heredity is so difficult to predict
  • How to deal with leaders you do not like
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Lucifer No. 3 - 2017
Lucifer No. 3 - 2017

Articles in this issue:

  • The mathematics of Religion
  • Why I.S.I.S. Foundation has been named after an Egyptian goddess
  • Is thinking never spiritual?
  • Esoteric meditation
  • The scientific approach to classical homeopathy
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Lucifer No. 2 - 2017
Lucifer No. 2 - 2017

Articles in this issue:

  • The Mystery School of the future
  • Ahimsa, the art of nonviolence
  • Katherine Tingley’s books available
  • ADHD: how to control it?
  • How to answer children’s questions?
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Lucifer No. 1 - 2017
Lucifer No. 1 - 2017

Articles in this issue:

  • Unity calls: how do we answer?
  • Compassion in different traditions
  • Gandhi on Theosophy and social reform
  • The inner causes behind “gravity”
  • The Masters of Wisdom and Compassion
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Lucifer No. 1 - 2016
Lucifer No. 1 - 2016

Symposium issue on:

Universal Rights of the Reincarnating Man

The lectures that were given during this symposium are transformed into the following articles:

  • The esoteric origin of human rights - The inner power to change the world

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Universal Laws, humans, rights and duties
  • Responsibility, freedom and free will
  • Karma, cycles: connection and dynamic harmony
  • Restoring harmony - Consequences of reincarnation and karma
  • Case studies on human rights

Day 2

  • Living human rights
  • Consequences of living human rights
  • Universal Brotherhood is the Path
  • Final conclusion I.S.I.S. Symposium 2016
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