No matter how positive we are in life, no matter how bright we see the future, we cannot ignore the present reality, which so many people experience as suffering.

The crises we face as humanity all stem from our mindset. Therefore, we can only get out of crises when we develop a different mindset.

But is that possible?
That is certainly possible!
We can change our mindset.

This statement is substantiated by seven universal laws - called the seven Jewels of Wisdom. These laws are inextricably linked with seven mental attitudes, seven virtues - called Pāramitās in Buddhism.

Everyone can recognize and develop this Wisdom and these virtues. By working on this, we transform our character step by step. In fact, we develop an ever deeper vision of life, of ourselves and our fellow men.

By developing vision and applying it in practice, we build a harmonious future together.

In a series of short lectures and workshops we will shape this all-comprehensive vision together.