We are a non-profit voluntary organization. We operate on the principle that wisdom and knowledge obtained "for free" should also be spread "for free". The Theosophia is part of the spiritual heritage of humanity and cannot be monetized.

Collaboration is open to all who agree with its purposes, and who subscribe to the principles of Universal Brotherhood. We ask first and foremost for determination, the will to cooperate and to subordinate personal ambitions, and interest in the goal for which we are working: the independent search for truth.

We therefore have no paid employees, receive no government subsidy and all work is done on a voluntary basis. However, we do incur costs in distributing Theosofia. For example, printing costs for leaflets and posters, room rental for the public lectures, management of archives, etc.

Do you agree with our objectives and would you like to support us in our work? Then a donation is very welcome.


Do you prefer to transfer the donation manually? You can. Please use the information below to do so.

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