Golden Precepts

2nd edition 1938, 168 pages

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This little book contains certain teachings given for study and for meditation to Chelas in the Esoteric School. H.P.B.'s 'The Voice of the Silence' comprises a number of extracts from the same sources of teaching in a reproduction which is faithful

almost verbatim to the original works from which she drew; but the phraseology in that wonderful little work of hers is often highly technical and therefore difficult of understanding by Occidentals trained almost from birth in a quite different psychology.

The extracts from teachings both public and private which the present book contains, are an effort to present to Occidentals and, indeed, to Orientals for that matter, other doctrines current in the Esoteric School, but in a form more comprehensible to the West, that is to say in a form which is more familiar to thoughtful Western minds, although in some cases I have adhered faithfully almost word for word to the paragraphs of the Secret Books which I myself have studied for many years. (...)

I hope that readers of the following pages will be illumined with the same Light and receive the same inspiration from the following extracts, translated or paraphrased from the books of the Esoteric School, that I myself in past years have received. (...) For all students of the Ancient Wisdom, for all who yearn to know something of the life that Chelas -disciples- of the Ancient Wisdom lead, I know that this collection of extracts from the archaic teachings of the Wisdom-Religion of mankind, as taught in the Holy Order of Compassion, will be helpful and stimulating.