1st Edition 1938, 64 pages

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This booklet came into being thus: During the course of the last fourteen years or so, at various times and at various places, the author had occasion while lecturing to refer in more or less scattered but relevant fashion to the life and work and mystical story of Jesus called the Christ.

Thus it happened that a fairly large number of historic, quasi-historic, and distinctly esoteric or occult data concerning the life of the Avatara Jesus were mentioned, but these mentionings or references as just stated were scattered through scores of addresses or lectures, some of them private and some of them public.

These many and various allusions, references, statements, or teachings, concerning Jesus the Avatara, have in the present booklet been gathered together, and with a few connecting words or sentences woven into a fairly consistent story or continuous narrative, for which labor the author expresses his thanks to those who had the most of this work of compilation: Miss Florence Collisson and Mr. W. Emmett Small.

The manuscript as thus prepared has been carefully read by, and in a few cases slightly elaborated by, the author, who publishes it as the answer to hundreds of requests received by him through a number of years to give to Theosophical students and the public at least an outline of what the life and teachings of Jesus the Avatara really were in occult fact, and from the standpoint of Theosophy.

G. de Purucker

General Offices of the Theosophical Society,
Point Loma, California,