The Mystery of Man - We are more than our bodies

The theme of symposium 2024 is: "The Mystery of Man - We are more than our bodies"

The Religion of the Future - connecting through wisdom, compassion and peace

In every human heart lives a longing for connection and unity. For true connection with others, with the greater whole of which we are part, with something greater within ourselves that wants to express itself. No matter how busy we are, this intuitive religious realization keeps emerging. Where does this realization come from? 

Independent search for Truth

Independent search for Truth

Find your way in a world of “fake” and “illusion”
Find yourself, be yourself

Symposium 2021
Help to build the mentality of the future - 7 sources of Wisdom & 7 character transformations

No matter how positive we are in life, no matter how bright we see the future, we cannot ignore the present reality, which so many people experience as suffering.

The crises we face as humanity all stem from our mindset. Therefore, we can only get out of crises when we develop a different mindset.

Symposium 2020
The Secret Doctrine - The Theory of Everything
Symposium 2019
Mysticism - Leadership - Inspiration

Why don't we have the leaders we need? Where are they? How do we recognize them?

Symposium 2018
Life Wisdom

The theme of this symposium is Life wisdom. Theosophical knowledge offers a solution to all life issues. A wisdom knowledge that shows like no other how to find answers within yourself.

Symposium 2017
The Meaning of Life

We start the new season with an interactive symposium about meaningfulness and wisdom.