Man in evolution

1st edition 1941 pp. i-x, 1-389

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This book is for those to whom the theory of the ape-ancestry of man is distasteful yet who ask for something more than theology to explain man's origin and destiny. It is thoroughly scientific without being materialistic, and deeply religious yet not dogmatic.

The physical evolution of man as the most primitive of all the mammalian stocks is convincingly set forth, corroborated by statements from eminent scientists of today. Growth of body, however, is but the natural effect of an inner psychological and spiritual urge; and the author shows that it is along the lines of this inner drive that are to be found the signs of man's true immortality.

Man's origin is not lowly, nor is his future a 'dead-end.' Not only has he survival value, but his destiny, sketched herein with an authoritative and inspired touch, is so grandiose, so splendid, that the intuitive reader cannot help but catch a glimpse of that 'vision' which is the only ground for hope in the continuance of the human race.