The theme of symposium 2024 is: "The Mystery of Man - We are more than our bodies"


Sunday September 15, 2024 from 18:00 CEST
Admission is free


The symposium will be online via Zoom.



18:00 - 18:10 - Welcome / Introduction
18:10 - 18:30 - Lecture: Never did I not exist
18:35 - 18:55 - Lecture: The Mystery of Man
Break (5 minutes)
19:00 - 20:00 - Workshop: Get to know your selves
Break (1 hour)
21:00 - 21:20 - Lecture: I am because we are
Break (5 minutes)
21:25 - 22:25 - Workshop: Heal society, heal yourself
22:30 - Preview upcoming season and closure

The Mystery of Man

“Man, know thyself,” was the encouraging maxim inscribed at the entrance of the mystery school of Delphi. And with good reason. Because if we truly know ourselves, we know the universe, as the ageless wisdom tells us. But what does this profound statement mean?

The fact that we are more than our bodies – we are a reflection of the whole – is something we have been told time and again by the many world teachers throughout the ages. It is the common thread of all world traditions. But what does this ‘more' entail? This question, being the central theme of the symposium, will be answered during the lectures after which the workshops will offer us the opportunity to jointly explore the lecture outcomes and deepen our understanding.

How can we experience that we are more than our body? And why is this question so important? Because the answer to who we really are, is also the fundamental answer to all the disharmony that we see in the world today, both socially and individually.

The further we unravel the mystery of being human, of what unlimited possibilities are latent within us, the clearer the solutions will present themselves before our inner eye. The helpless feeling of not being able to make a difference in the world so many currently experience, will gradually make way for an inner conviction. A conviction that we do make a difference because we ourselves hold the key to alleviate the suffering we currently see around us.