The course Life Wisdom is a continuation of the course Thinking Differently.

In this course you explore seven basic truths with which you can build a universal vision of life. A vision that helps you to find answers to all life’s challenges.

Also in this course we ask you to test all ideas in daily life. Don't just accept what we say, investigate it!

In the Life Wisdom course we cover the following topics.

  1. Life and death (cyclicity)
  2. Cause and effect (karma)
  3. The hierarchical structure of life
  4. Heredity and self-realization
  5. The meaning of life and self-directed evolution
  6. The two paths of life
  7. The knowledge of the inner self


You can only register online for the course Thinking Differently.

Have you already finished this course and would you like to register for the course Life Wisdom? Please contact us.