What insight can the theosophical literature offer us about a pandemic such as the current corona crisis? To help us find answers to questions, we have collected below some excerpts from theosophical literature by H.P. Blavatsky, W.Q. Judge and G. de Purucker on related topics. 

A number of scientific articles have also been cited that link theosophical insights to the current state of knowledge.

We hope that these fragments will help to build insight into the laws of nature and how to deal with this situation as an individual and as humanity.

In order to place these quotes correctly, it is important to see them in the light of the three fundamental propositions of theosophy.  

In short, you can describe these as follows:

  1. Boundlessness.
    This means that everything essentially has the same boundless origin and abilities. Everything is alive. Also, everything is interconnected and influencing each other. 
  2. Cyclicity.
    Everything comes and goes, periods of activity are followed by periods of rest.
  3. Fundamental identity of all life. As above, so below. 
    All life is fundamentally identical and evolves on the basis of free will as part of a greater whole (life within life), according to karmic and cyclic law.

(Read the three fundamentals in their entirety.)

The first five fragments show, in line with the three fundamentals, how everything is interconnected and how cyclical cosmic influences affect us, sometimes resulting in epidemics. It describes that this is always karmic and is not separate from our own mentality. 

Current science shows the relationship between the sunspot cycle and epidemics and pandemics. We have included links to two of these articles. 

The excerpts from H.P. Blavatsky's article The Last Song of the Swan and the Encyclopaedic Theosophical Glossary describe the relationship between ozone and flu. This has also been studied by current science, to which we have linked.

In the following two fragments, W.Q. Judge and G. de Purucker describe the role of germs such as microbes in disease from a theosophical perspective (at the time of their writing not much was scientifically known about viruses).

The last excerpt from G. de Purucker's Golden Precepts describes what diseases in general are and how best to deal with them.