Starting September 2021, TSPL offers a series of lectures and studies on current topics in the light of Theosophy.

Every other Sunday there is a lecture that will be broadcast via YouTube, and each following Sunday there is a study related to that lecture via Zoom.

We invite everyone to exchange ideas about these topics.

The lectures and studies are based on the ageless Theo-sophia or Divine Wisdom. Since 1875, this Wisdom has been made public again in more detail than ever by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. She was sent into the world for that purpose by her Teachers, the Masters of Wisdom and Compassion. We will study all topics in this series in the light of the principles that they shared.

In H.P. Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine three Fundamental Principles or Propositions are given that form the basis of the Theosophia. These lead to the following conclusions:

  1. Essential unity of all life.
  2. Essential equality of all beings: each being has all the qualities of the Universe in him.
  3. Compassion: not seeking happiness and enlightenment for yourself, but helping all beings to awaken those universal qualities within themselves.

H.P. Blavatsky's successors elaborated on these three Fundamental Principles and explained them with the Seven Jewels of Wisdom:

  1. Reimbodiment
  2. Cause and effect
  3. Hierarchical structure of the Universe
  4. Self-becoming
  5. Self-directed evolution
  6. Two Paths in Nature
  7. Knowledge of the Self

Join us in this series of lectures and studies to deepen our understanding of the Universe and ourselves, to apply this Wisdom in daily life, and to make Universal Brotherhood a living reality.